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Aggressive Divorce Representation For Houston

The Houston Divorce Guy

If you are facing divorce, you have probably begun to make a list of imminent concerns. Maybe you are worried about matters involving child custody. Maybe you have financial concerns surrounding spousal support. Or you are worried about how to protect a family business you've worked so hard to build up over the years.

The Eastland Firm has helped many individuals in Houston, Texas, who are going through divorce work through these same concerns. Whether you need assistance resolving child custody and visitation matters, property matters or paternity issues, they can help.

Fighting To Protect The Issues That Matter To You

Through the years, the firm has built a reputation for its tenacity. Such an aggressive approach has led to great settlements for many clients.

Founding attorney Gardner Eastland has been practicing family law for over a decade and isn't afraid to go to court in any situation to resolve important matters. He went through a divorce himself and is now remarried with twin boys. He understands how much impact a divorce can have on a family.

Mr. Eastland is assertive and will fight to protect your interests. However, if litigation is not the right avenue to resolve your situation, he will work with you through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods.

How The Firm Can Help You

If you have concerns about child visitation matters or other divorce-related issues, call the firm at 713-364-0746 to schedule an appointment to talk about your situation.



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