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Our firm handles only Family Law matters.

Families come to the Eastland Firm in crisis because of divorce, child custody, child support, or other family legal matters. At the age of seven or eight, Gardner Eastland knew he wanted to practice law, just like his father and grandfather.

Since 2008, Gardner’s practice has been exclusively family law, and his passion for his clients shows in his zealous representation and attention to their needs. He has a reputation of being willing to fight, which translates into settlement offers that clients might not get with a less experienced attorney.

When it’s time to actually try a case, Gardner’s  experience trying cases week in and week out is immeasurable. When he walks into the courtroom, Gardner knows how to present the evidence and fight for what his clients deserve. He’s been trained by the best, and that’s made him one of the best.

Gardner takes a personal interest in all his family law clients. He gives all clients his mobile phone number. Family Law is not a nine to five business, and Gardner is here for his clients, to walk them through their cases, right by his clients’ side.

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