Known as the affordable- quality family law firm, The Eastland Firm specializes in cheap and inexpensive divorce- paternity- child custody/support- marital prenuptials and much more. We are here to serve and we have moved to a new office location off West Alabama in Houston Texas to better serve Houston and the surrounding counties. We provide top-rated family law to Harris – Montgomery- Fort Bend and Galveston County Texas.

Come to us or reach out to us here, we are now conveniently located in central Houston offering top-rated law professionals that know the court system and how it operates giving you the advantage and proper counsel for your family legal matters. Whether you need an affordable divorce- cheap child support modification or paternity- marriage prenuptial agreements we will represent you with top family law experience within your budget.

About our Firm: The Eastland Firm serves the greater Houston area and surrounding counties and it is known for its aggressive and tenacious preparation against opposing parties. The firm understands the financial and emotional issues at stake during a divorce or other family law disputes. Our lawyers know how to help you make the best decisions to get through this difficult time. Please contact us now- The Eastland Firm for more information and to see how we can assist you. We are here for you and will work with you to get you through your challenging times.