So you want to get married in Houston TX. or Harris County? Before say your vows there are some very important considerations that you should consult a good family attorney on. Did you know that pre- and post-nuptial agreements are more common than not! However the same holds true for those without assets at the time of marriage because often one will gain wealth as the marriage rolls on only to have to give it up to the one that you may despise in the end! Don’t be naive, all your hard earned work can be easily taken in a nasty divorce.

In the legal world and from an attorney’s perspective pre- and post-nuptials are simply a must and a necessary part of any marriage arrangement when one considers that contract terms levied by the State of Texas –and for the most part upheld in the Houston, Texas court system and its surrounding counties like Fort Bend and Montgomery county Texas– are a losing battle for the bread winner.

1. It’s a common misconception that getting married is not a contract, when in fact, not only is it a contract, it’s a bad one! Think of it this way, would you as a business man or woman ever engage with a business partner that could at some point take 50% of your hard earned work and leave for your competitor; throw kids into the picture and you still have to pay him or her a salary as well! Marriage is essentially the same scenario, so don’t get caught by the love bug.

2. It is a fact that over 50% of all marriages end in divorce; so in our example above, consider that there’s a 50% chance or better that your new business partner will leave for a competitor.

3. Naive and love go hand and hand, it’s a proven fact that love is a drug and a powerful one at that. Men and women secrete hormones that essentially become a love potion that often makes them not think clearly. Don’t be a victim, even the best intentions going into a marriage often dissipate when the “love potion” wears off and the reality of life’s strains set in.

4. Worried about how to break it to a spouse that seems to have all of the right intentions going into a marriage? Don’t be, first consult a good family divorce attorney,  they should have good suggestions on how to couch the prenup such that the impact will be minimal. For example, a signing bonus and more…call us today and schedule a free consultation.

5. Other considerations that you will really need legal advice on are the following: to properly assess your current and future financial situation, for example, asset consolidation, in the form of bank accounts etc., homestead rights, tax consequences and more…contact us today to set up a free consultation.