Division of Property

Division of Property

An Assertive Approach to Property Division

Assertive Approach to Handling Property Division In a Houston Divorce

Child custody, visitation and support are usually major concerns for divorcing parties. Property division is often next in line—particularly if a primary residence, inheritance or pension is involved.In Texas, marital property is categorized as community property, or property accumulated during a marriage. Traditionally, community property and debt are divided evenly based on the value of each. If assets were acquired prior to marriage, they are considered separate and will stay with the original owner.Each instance, however, is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Individuals pursuing a divorce should seek the help of a lawyer who can answer specific questions pertaining to these matters.

Small Estates To High-Asset Divorces

Gardner Eastland of The Eastland Firm has extensive experience assisting people in and around Houston, Texas, with important family law matters like property settlement and debt division. From small estates to high asset divorces, he has done it all.

Mr. Eastland is known for taking an aggressive approach to handling these matters—ones so fundamental to his clients. Maybe you have a family inheritance you are concerned about; maybe you have a family business you have worked hard to establish. Whatever your concern, he understands and will go to court to protect your interests if that is what it takes and is the best route for your situation.

Other Family Law Issues

The Eastland Firm also assists with other family law matters, including child custody and paternity issues and marital agreements for individuals who wish to determine property rights in the event of a divorce.

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