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Parents care deeply about their children. Those who decide to divorce hope to agree on custody and visitation terms that are not only in the best interests of the children, but are also fair and conducive.But this doesn’t always happen. Many divorcing parents become hostile toward each other because of disagreements about issues affecting the children.

When this occurs, many want a lawyer on their side who will do whatever it takes to protect their interests involving visitation rights.

Personal, Aggressive Attention To Handling Custody Issues

The Eastland Firm of Houston, Texas, has handled family law matters for many years and knows just how contentious child custody matters can become in a divorce.

Attorney Gardner Eastland understands that many parents are scared and just want to be able to see their kids regularly when the divorce is finalized. He takes an assertive approach to protecting these interests and won’t hesitate to litigate a child custody or visitation matter for any of his clients. In fact, this approach has often led to favorable settlements.

Such ambition can be credited to Mr. Eastland being a parent himself. He is divorced and now a father of two boys. He realizes what’s at stake and will fight to protect parents who are worried about custody arrangements.

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The Eastland Firm also represents individuals in paternity matters.


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