About Gardner Eastland

A Hard-Hitting Approach

Under the direction of attorney Gardner Eastland, The Eastland Firm represents individuals in and around Houston, Texas, with divorce, child custody and other family law matters.

Mr. Eastland's introduction to the legal arena began as an adolescent. At 16 years old, while working for the family practice making copies and deliveries, he knew he wanted to practice law and follow in the family footsteps as a third-generation Houston attorney.

Through the years, he gained more responsibility and knowledge of the law. By 2003, he had passed the bar exam and began practicing. Today, he is an established lawyer who has obtained successful results for many people looking for assistance with family law matters. He has also received widespread recognition in the community.

Garner Eastland also understands family law matters from a personal standpoint. He has gone through his own divorce and understands the concerns and risks his clients face. He isn't afraid to litigate any case, big or small, to get results for his clients. Such a hard-hitting approach has often led to many favorable settlements.

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